Sagrada Yoga And Wellness Retreat In California To Try Out

Sagrada Yoga And Wellness Retreat
Sarada Wellness

With the hectic manly life, we are always in the search of a good break. Mostly we end up with the trips at the beach or at the resort, few times dining out at the weekend is what we try out. These are some good breaks, but there is one better option you can try out A Wellness Retreat Recovery Center.

If you way out frustrated with orders from your boss or the politics in your workplace or you just bid goodbye to your toxic relationship, maybe you have been struggling financially. There are many more ways life gets the hell out of us.

In this case, you need a break for the soul, for your brain to calm the things. You are in much more need of a mental break to get recharged. A few days spent in the wellness retreat can be way better than one-day breaks.

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Sagrada Yoga And Wellness Retreat In California To Try Out

Sagrada Wellness is a digital detox environment. Sagrada Wellness Yoga Retreats has been founded over twelve years ago. This 45-acre mountain sanctuary is located in San Luis Obispo, Central Coast California. The ranch is fueled by 100% solar power.

The main attraction here is the organic herb garden. Every food served to you is purely organic. They have their own Olive and fruit trees integrated throughout Sagrada.

Sagrada Wellness Living


The structure here is designed by the founder Scott Currie himself. Architect Scott Currie, a graduate of Southern California Institute of Architecture (SCI-Arc), designed Sagrada Wellness with a respect for the environment in mind.



Scott’s work can be described as having a wabi-sabi aesthetic: natural, rustic, fresh and elegant. Scott creates refined indoor-outdoor living spaces with modern amenities without compromising the integrity of the history and spiritual character of the land. Landscaping consists of native drought-resistant plants and ancient oak woodlands.

Sagrada Wellness

Private Rooms have one queen or king-size bed, Communal Room for the shared accommodation is also available. A cool cleanses in Sagrada’s outdoor shower will refresh you after your yoga session.

A hot tub or saltwater pool is also there to enjoy a glass of wine at sunset, at the end of the day to relax.

Yoga Retreats At Sagrada

Eva Inglizian, wife of the founder Scott Currie. Sagrada Yoga And Wellness Retreat is a combination of architect and meditation.

Eva Inglizian L.Ac facilitates guests to look at their well-being through the holistic lens of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Eva’s intuitive understanding of healthy living can be seen in her treatment offerings, health consultations, and Sagrada’s delicious cuisine.


Yoga retreats are combined with the Pilates, Wine, Writing, Hiking, and meditation options. Ayurveda retreat is also the option to chose.

Rates for 3 days/2-night yoga retreats start from $695/ per person.

Sagrada Yoga And Wellness Retreat Plans

  1. Weekend Warrior Yoga Retreat Yoga,
  2. Peace And Quiet Retreat
  3. Yoga & Wine Retreat
  4. Yoga And Pilates Retreat
  5. Yoga & Writing Retreat
  6. Yoga & Hiking Retreat
  7. Yoga & Meditation Retreat
  8. Thanksgiving Yoga Retreat
  9. New Year’s Yoga & Live Music Retreat
  10. Sagrada Ayurveda Retreat
  11. Empowered Singlehood Yoga Retreat
  12. Yoga & Myofascial Release Retreat
  13. Spring Renewal Yoga Retreat Iceland
  14. Yoga Retreat With Sagrada Wellness

Sagrada’s 4 day Yoga, Peace, and Quiet Retreat in Central Coast California. 

  • nurturing your body with healing yoga sessions

  • revitalizing your spirit with invigorating walks through the pristine, natural countryside

  • nourishing and cleansing your entire being with prana enhancing, organic cuisine

  • carving out time for rest and reflection

  • clearing the mind with a centering meditation

  • reducing electromagnetic toxins with a digital detox


  • 7:00- early bird coffee and tea

  • 7:30- morning meditation + movement

  • 9:30-10:00 breakfast

  • free time

  • 12:30 – 1:30 lunch

  • free time

  • 4:30-6:00 evening meditation + yin / restorative /therapeutic yoga

  • 7:00 – 8:00- Dinner

  • Free time

Food Style

Labeled as one of the best Wellness Retreat In California, the food here is extremely awesome. Vegetables are brought from the local farmers. Oils used in the food are totally organic. They mainly provide gluten-free food.

Vegetarian + Vegan + Gluten Free + Homemade + Organic + Raw

The cuisine is rustic yet gourmet and is served family-style. Meals are prepared fresh each day with great attention to flavor and quality.

Your every morning will start with strong organic coffee, their own free-range organic eggs with sprouted bread and jelly, sliced tomatoes, yogurt, and our famous homemade granola.

In wines, you can either bring some of your choices to enjoy with or can have a taste of their favorite modest local wines available in the retreat.


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If you are googling for Yoga and Wellness Retreat near me and are situated in California then you must give a try to the Sagrada Yoga And Wellness Retreat. It is counted as one of the best Wellness retreats in California.

If you are impressed to make out to this ranch, you must visit here to book now.

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