Binance Adds Supports For Euro, Ruble, UAH, and KZT Fiat Currencies

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  • Binance Supports Euro, Ruble, UAH, and KZT Fiat Currencies
  • Zero Deposit fees

Binance Supports Euro, Ruble, UAH, and KZT Fiat Currencies

Euro, Ruble, UAH, and KZT are the latest fiat currency supports added by Binance. Worlds leading crypto exchange app has announced the new support after the partnership with Advcash.

Advcash is the multifunctional payment hub and e-wallet.  IT supports Credit cards, Prepaid cards, Cryptocurrencies, and fiat currencies.

Binance announced, “Binance has partnered with Advcash to offer deposits and withdrawals of EUR, RUB, UAH, and KZT. Users now are able to deposit 4 fiat currencies to their Binance wallet using their credit cards, bank cards, and also from their Advcash Wallet.”

Zero Deposit fees

After this partnership, users with the newly added currencies can use Binance’s newly launched one-click buy and sell crypto option.

If you deposit EUR, RUB, UAH or KZT fiat currencies trough the Advcash wallet, you will have to pay zero deposit fees. 

Binance has added faster service in the benefits. Also in another advantage users can directly use their Binance fiat wallet to buy BTC, ETH, and XRP.

What is One-Click Buy/Sell?

One-Click Buy/Sell allows users to buy and sell digital currency more conveniently and quickly without charts or complex order types and provides users with real-time price data to directly execute their trades. Users that have EUR, RUB, UAH or KZT in their Binance account are now able to purchase BTC, ETH and XRP at any time using this new One-Click Buy/Sell function.

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