5 Best Luxury Vacation Destinations You Must Book For 2020

Life must be a good balance of Wealth and health. Our day to day work makes a wealthy and on the basis of our wealth, we usually ignore our health, especially mental health. We always postpone the most needed breaks.

When we say mental break, it must replenish and refresh the body. In spite of some lavish outdoor locations, we must think of something luxurious to get pampered. Wellness of the luxury vacation must recharge us before we get back to a busy schedule.

Everyone should plan out there their vacations. The upcoming new year 2020 will be a good time to plan out the Luxury Vacation Destinations. We have sorted some of the best Luxury Vacation Destinations to give a try.

5 Best Luxury Vacation Destinations

  • Shou Sugi Ban House
  • Canyon Ranch
  • Mii Amo
  • Calistoga Ranch
  • Aro Ha Wellness Retreat


Shou Sugi Ban House

A space inspired by the principles of wabi-sabi, and wellness traditions that value the simple beauty and healing properties found within the natural world.

Located just 90 miles, outside New York City. Shou Sugi Ban House, in the town of Hamptons, well-known for its pristine beaches, sprawling farms, vineyards, and estates. Famed as the residence of countless artists and photographers.

Shou Sugi Ban House has captured three acres in the pastoral hamlet of Water Mill, adjacent to the Parrish Art Museum.

A total of 13 cabins garnished with soothing blonde woods and crisp white linens come with freestanding tubs, Scandi-mod furnishings, and cedar. this refreshing structure will make you fill awesome.

Infrared sauna, hydrotherapy plunge pools, and restorative treatments are the main attractions of this space.

Book Now, Starting from $4,650 for three nights.


Canyon Ranch

Serving the best facilities in the wellness, Canyon Ranch has been in the business in over 40 years. They provide the services in the 4 different locations and also on cruise ships.

Wellness Resort in Tuscon AZ, and another located in Lenox MA. Wellness Retreat in the Woodside CA is the new service offered by Canyon Ranch. For spa and fitness, you can either choose a center in Las Vegas, NV or you can prefer Cruise Ships.

Canyon Ranch provides organic and free-range whole foods and ingredients – from pesticide-free non-GMO produce, to humanely raised hormone and antibiotic-free meats, grass-fed beef and sustainably caught or raised.

A wellness retreat in Woodside CA is spread over 16 acres of centuries-old redwood forest shield. It has 38 rooms in the woods. A glass-clad treehouse lofted 35-50 feet into a canopy of redwoods will be a good space to relax.

Book Now Starting from $1419 per night


Mii Amo

The name, Mii Amo means “one’s path” in the Yuman language. Framed in Sedona’s red-rock Boynton Canyon, This space provides metaphysical energy center revered for its healing properties by ancient Native Americans.

Mii Amo will provide you locally sourced meals made with ingredients from the chef’s garden, Spa services. Other refreshing activities in Art & Design, Biking, and Hiking will make you fill recharged.

Mii Amo offers 3-night, 4-night, or 7-night stay options. Thursday arrival requires a 3 or 7-night stay. Sunday arrivals require a 4 or 7-night stay.

Book Now Starting from $2027 per night


Calistoga Ranch

Calistoga Ranch, a wellness retreat recovery center offered by Auberge Resorts. It is situated in Napa Valley of Calistoga, California. Napa Valley was known more for wilderness than for wine, its rolling hills covered in misty forests and bubbling creeks.

50 freestanding guest lodges are covered by Natural surroundings, spread over 157-acre. Calistoga sits just below ground level, therefore its mineral-rich water is the one real reason you should visit.

Sedar shingled cottages come with outdoor showers and glass walls. If the spa’s essential-oil massages and outdoor mudbaths aren’t enough to send you into a trance, perhaps private painting lessons, a perspective-building hot-air balloon ride, or a tour of the on-site vineyard will do the trick.

Book Now Starting from $3930 per night


Aro Ha Wellness Retreat

Aro Ha, a luxurious vacation destination will make you fill like boot camp for the spiritually downtrodden. Sunrise Yoga Sessions in the morning after waking up with the soulful sound of Tibetan chimes.

Mediation, kayaking excursions, and some cooking will make you feel refreshed. Self harvested garden food inspired by a Paleo-friendly menu will give you a good taste.

With 20 guest rooms, the Wellness Retreat is situated in New Zealand’s remote Southern Alps. Your self-reflection in the pristine waters of Lake Wakatipu will recharge you.

Every space within Aro Ha embraces its majestic surroundings – from the contrast hydrotherapy spas set into the mountainous earth to the yoga studio with panoramic views of Lake Wakatipu.

Book now starting at $4832 for seven nights

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