Reliance Jio Ends Free Calling – The Real Truth About IUC and TRAI

Hello Friends, In this blog I explained everything about a new Reliance Jio plans and if you have confusion regarding ‘Calls not working‘ issue then I hope this blog will help you. For every 1 minute, Jio will charge 6 paise. For that, they bring a top-up recharge starting from 10rs onwards. The reason behind Jio did this is because of IUC. In this blog, I explained it in detail. I hope it will help you.

Reliance Jio calls not working – outgoing calls

In the last few days, many Jio users are angry with the reliance Jio company because, from October 10, 2019, Jio company will charge on outgoing calls.

At one point, Reliance Jio promises us they will provide free calls and they also provided for the last 2-3 years. But from now, Jio will charge 6 paise for every 1 minute for their outgoing calls. In addition, Call are free for Jio to Jio user but Jio will charge if you call to another network.

Reliance Jio brings there new vouchers. The voucher starts with 10rs. onwards. For every 10rs. recharge Jio will give 124 minutes. In addition, they are giving complementary data of 1 GB.

Reliance Jio calls not working - The Real Truth About IUC
Reliance Jio calls not working – The Real Truth About IUC

Now, there is one question going around as why Reliance Jio charges for outgoing calls?? For those who are using Jio sims for long-long calls now, they have to paid for it, if you call another sim user.

Ever since Jio enters this industry. They give us an exact value for Calls and Data uses. As we compare, in that time Airtel and Vodafone fail to give us exact value for calls and data uses. Because of Jio actually we got a cheap amount of calls and data.

Why Reliance Jio charges for outgoing calls

Let’s discuss IUC. It is known as ‘Interconnect uses charges’ Jio, Airtel, Vodafone are not charging us. It is a TRAI rule. TRAI stands for ‘Telecom regulatory authority of India’

Let me explain to you how this rule applies in our daily life, If you call for Jio to Jio it is Free. Same as Airtel to Airtel it is Free and Vodafone to Vodafone it is Free.

But, If you call from Jio to Airtel or Jio to Vodafone, then the opposite telecom company charges some money. it is known as ‘Interconnect uses charges.’

Since Reliance Jio enters the market they gave us free calls and Jio itself pays the charges. If you wonder from the last 2-3 years, around 13,000Cr Rs. charge pay by Jio to Airtel and Vodafone. it is known as ‘Interconnect uses charges.

Now seems like nowadays it is too costly, So, from now Jio doesn’t want to pay on their own. So, it is the users’ duty to pay just 6 paise for every 1-minute call.

Reliance Jio calls not working - The Real Truth About IUC
Reliance Jio calls not working – The Real Truth About IUC

Firstly, It was 14 paise per minute. now, TRAI brings to 6 paise per minute. Now, it seems like from January 2020, TRAI will make it to 0 paise per minute means it is expected to free.

So in the future, we can expect that charges for every minute will get off. But if TRAI stands for 6 paise per minute after January 2020 then it seems like we have to pay for it.

But seems like Airtel and Vodafone also expected to charge us for outgoing calls. For now, they are not charging us for outgoing calls.

If you call from Airtel to Airtel or Airtel to any other network, then they will NOT charge you.

Reliance Jio calls not working - The Real Truth About IUC
Reliance Jio calls not working – The Real Truth About IUC

Even after 2-3 years, The 2G and 3G Vodafone and Airtel user missed call Jio user. So that Jio user will call them for free. Since we know that Jio was free and we all take that advantage. Because of that Jio itself pays a lot of money to IUC. But from now, Jio will charge IUC money from Jio users. For every 1 minute, they will charge 6 paise and in addition, they are giving internet data.

That’s all friends. How was my blog, if someone is having queries then please comment below. I will try to clear your queries. If you like my tech blogs then please keep visiting my website.

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