Unexpected Ending Of Rollins vs The Fiend Universal Championship Match At Hell In A Cell 2019


Rollins vs The Fiend for Universal Championship was the main event of the Hell In A Cell 2019 PPV. The match was an unexpected ending and also a surprising reaction from the crowd.

Weapons all over the match.

The entire match was played with the red lights on. The match was complete destruction and saw the use of the multiple tools. Wyatt brings a massive mallet from under the ring and stalks Rollins with it, then uses it to ram Rollins back into the steel.

Rollins got frustrated!

Rollins was shocked after Wyatt kicked out immediately after receiving a pedigree. Rolling became more frustrated and annoyed later in the match. Rollins uses a steel chair, ladder, toolbox over Wyatt but Wyatt still kicks out of it.

Rollins finally brings out the Triple H’s sledgehammer and swings over Wyatt. The referee calls out the match and disqualifies Rollins.

Rollins is still stunned in the corner. Officials and parametric rush into the ring. Wyatt is put on the stretcher. Rollins approaches and Wyatt applies the Mandible Claw out of nowhere. Wyatt manhandles Rollins and sends him out of the ring. The Cell has been raised now.

The Fiend stunned Rollins

Wyatt dropped Rollins with Sister Abigail on the floor. Wyatt again delivers one more Sister Abigail, but this time on the exposed concrete floor. Wyatt again applies the Mandible on Rollins.

Fans chant AEW!

Fans started booing after this action. Also after the match fans were chanting AEW. Sound hits and Wyatt goes off with smile all over the arena.

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