CM Punk Could Join WWE Backstage On FS1 With Renee Young


We have reported yesterday, CM Punk might get back with WWE. CM Punk’s representative reached out Fox Sports in regards if to push Punk as the co-host for “WWE Backstage” a studio show on Fox Sports 1.

CM Punk Could Join WWE Backstage On FS1

In the latest update regarding CM Punk and Fox Sports, PWInsider has reported that Punk was as Fox Studio, earlier this week. In Los Angeles, they discussed and filmed some on-screen test material. Renee Young was also present in the meeting.

In an update on this morning’s Wrestling Observer Radio, the feeling is that Punk’s tryout went well and he’ll probably get an offer to join the show.

If Punk gets this job then WWE is not likely to oppose it. Technically CM Punk be working for Fox Sports, not WWE. Fox Sports has tried multiple personas for this studio show. Taz and WWE Hall of Famer Sean Waltman were also reached out by Fox, as per PWInsider.

CM Punk not joining AEW.

There were rumors that CM Punk might land in the latest pro wrestling company, All Elite Wrestling. These talks are almost dead as CM Punk indirectly declined the possibilities.

Punk was asked to clarify that there is nothing imminent with AEW. He added, “The last thing I got — I got a text from Cody [Rhodes]. And again, I almost don’t even know how to reply to them sometimes, because if I reply, they do interviews and are like, “Oh yeah, I just talked to Punk.” I’m kind of damned if I do, damned if I don’t. I always think if somebody wants to do business with me, they can come talk to me. Texting offers isn’t really a way to do good business, at least.”

He continued, “It was texted through three people and an offer came in through text. This is like a month ago, maybe.” Punk was asked if it was specifically an offer for All Out. He responded, “I think it was just a general offer. I never could have done the last one in Vegas [Double or Nothing], because I was in California for CFFC.”

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