Bitcoin Becomes Most Popular In Africa, And This Country Has More Interest In Bitcoin


When it comes to Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin reigns supreme in it. Currently, Bitcoin is facing lows of its value, as of this writing Bitcoin has reached $7907.96, down from an average of $13,000.

Bitcoin Becomes Most Popular In Africa

Apart from its value, Bitcoin has become more popular over time. Well, the popularity of Bitcoin has moved from Europian Country. Africa has now taken the most interest in the Bitcoin.

Binance Research has published the data from Google search for Bitcoin for the time period starting from Jan 2011 to today.

Currently, Nigeria has more interest in Bitcoin, followed by South Africa, Austria, and Brazil. Sith Africa was topping the list on April 2018 and also in November 2017. Nigeria was again in the top in Dec 2016.

Bitcoin was quite popular in North European countries, including Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland, among others. Russia and New Zealand were also at the top. During the last two years, the two countries, Nigeria and South Africa haven’t left the first two positions of the ranking, suggesting that the majority of the population there is aware of the cryptocurrency.

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