Telegram To Launch Gram Cryptocurrency Before 31 OCTOBER

  • Gram New Cryptocurrency
  • Telegram has a deadline of 31st October


Gram New Cryptocurrency

Popular messaging app Telegram will be introducing gram cryptocurrency very soon, almost before 31st October of this year. If Telegram fails to launch the gram cryptocurrency till this date, then they will be losing about $1.7 billion.

Telegram is keen on launching the decentralized cryptocurrency, there will be no control by the Telegram of any type. Gram’s value will depend on the demand and supply, like exactly the Bitcoin. Gram would not be a stablecoin.

Telegram has a deadline of 31st October

Amount of about $1.7 billion has been raised in anticipation of the Gram coin. According to NYT, the investors in this Telegram project include some of the top Silicon Valley VC firms, and these partners have set the deadline of 31st October.

Telegram announced the project back in 2017. They were supposed to launch the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) in mid-2018 but things didn’t go as planned. Regulatory pressure from the countries, somewhat like Facebook’s Libra has delayed the launch.  After the deadline from investors, actions are hastened to do it before 31st October.

According to the NYT report, Telegram will release a test version of the Gram network before the coins are released. Gram coins also want to enable buying and selling of goods on Telegram.


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