Philadelphia Shooting: LIVE Coverage, Suspect shoots six police officers

LIVE Coverage: Suspected gunman Maurice Hill, 36, in custody after an hourslong standoff and six officers shot. Police officers were reported injured during a shooting at the Nicetown-Tioga section, August 14. Everything you need to know about Philadelphia shooting…

Philadelphia Shooting: Yesterday, The heartbreaking incident happened in the Philadelphia area. After Mid-Night, a suspect surrendered after shooting six police officers in a north Philadelphia neighborhood igniting a standoff that dragged on for hours in what authorities called a hostage situation. As noted the suspected gunman name was identified as Maurice Hill. His age is around 36 years.

The commissioner said at a nighttime press conference that police were trying to communicate with a “single male” suspect.

Police spokesperson Eric Gripp tweeted earlier that police are “imploring him to surrender and avoid further injuries.” Gripp tweeted that children from nearby daycare centers were evacuated. He added the officers were transported to local hospitals with non-life-threatening injuries. Philadelphia police said at 11 p.m. that all the officers who were shot were released from the hospital. One officer who was injured in a vehicle crash related to the incident remained in the hospital.

As seen below, Local TV crews filmed the scene. After Mid-Night, a suspect surrendered after shooting six police officers.

For those who don’t know, Once Police officers were inside the home, a barrage of bullets forced officers to return fire and retreat through windows and doors. More than three hours after the first shots police were still in a dangerous standoff.

As noted Ross said at a news conference he was concerned about two officers in the house with the gunman. The gunman remained inside with no intention of surrendering. You can see his official statement below. “We’ve got a pretty horrible situation unfolding — and you hear me say unfolding because it is not resolved”

Alisha Bogan, who heard gunshots, As noted she told The Washington Post. as gunfire continued, she took cover under a car. Then, she tried to get to her house and her family, but couldn’t get past the police caution tape. Dozens of frustrated residents faced the same dilemma, unable to get to their homes. They gathered on the sidewalks and streets late Wednesday night as storms passed through the region.

Four women who were escorted said “I thank God for these cops”

The most heartbreaking news was At least one officer was shot in the head, one was shot in the leg and another in the hand and no words yet about other officers. Several of the officers shot were taken to Temple University Hospital.

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