New Zealand vs India World Cup Semi Final Moved To Reserve Day

  • New Zealand win the toss and bat first
  • Williamson (67) shares fifty partnerships with Nicholls and Taylor before being dismissed by Chahal
  • Indian bowlers tie New Zealand down on the slow pitch
  • Ross Taylor accelerates past fifty after a scratchy start
  • Rain stops play with 23 balls left in New Zealand’s innings



Latest Update: New Zealand vs India World Cup Semi Final Moved To Reserve Day

The rain has stopped the match and as of the rule for this knockout game between India and New Zealand, the match will resume now tomorrow morning. New Zealand will be out batting again at 10:30 local | 15:00 IST. They’ll have 23 balls. Team India will chase the score.

If rains stop the play again on tomorrow, we will continue till the overs get reduced to 20 overs. In worst condition, if the game doesn’t resume today due to rain, then team India will qualify for the final as they have finished on the top of the table.

Original Article

IND vs NZ is ongoing live at Old Trafford, Manchester. New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first. New Zealand managed to 211 runs till 46.1 overs till the rain stopped the play. It is 5 wickets down situation for New Zealand after a slow start due to slow pitch.

It is World Cup Semi Final and is the crucial knockout for the Cricket World Cup tournament. This situation. Rain as stopped the play at 13:01 GMT, 18:31 IST and as of this writing
17:46 Local Time, 16:46 GMT, 22:16 IST, it is more than 3 hours now.

Currently, there are two situations, either the match will reduce up to the minimam 20-over chase or if the rain doesn’t stops then team India will resume the chase tomorrow.

Just another polite reminder, the cut-off time for a 20-over chase is 11:06 pm IST | 18:36 pm local UKT. We might, we just might sneak it in today. The DLS target, in that case, would be 148. In case we manage a 25-over game, the target would be 172. And a highly unlikely 30-over chase would have a target of 192.

In case New Zealand doesn’t bat again, India’s target in

46 overs will be 237
40 overs will be 223
35 overs will be 209
30 overs will be 192
25 overs will be 172
20 overs will be 148

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